Methodical no. 1

Carl Diehl Presenting

Carl Diehl Presenting

Sun, Jun 23, 7:30 pm

215 SE Morrison, Suite 2020

For Methodical #1, we braved the large-scale, ambient noise performance that is the custom car meetup that revs its engines and woofs its subwoofers every Sunday night outside Studio 2020. Eventually the noise gave way to generative writing exercises led by Carl and a whirlwind tour of the Theory of Conceptual Labor and its relationship to Method Camp led by Ním Wunnan.

Methodical #1 Group Photo Methodical #1 Group Photo

Antonymic Exchange an Anti-Algorithm for Artisanal Algorists. Created by Carl Diehl and Lindsey French

The Antonymic Exchange “is an artist-run operating system, an idiosyncratic means of developing “algorithmic literacy.” The exchange consists of a pair of artists regularly swapping messages that consist of a single, unlabeled image, meant to be the antonym of the last image to be exchanged. Diehl discussed the history of the project and led the group in a few generative writing activities. Sign-ups are open to join the exchange. Contact to join the exchange and find a partner. The results will be displayed and revisited at Method Camp in August

Methodical #1 Group Photo

Conceptual Labor an introduction to the theory with Ním Wunnan

Method Camp is based on the tenets of the Theory of Conceptual Labor. Ním will presented a basic introduction to the theory and discussed how it relates to Method Camp and its predecessor, Research Club. He read the summary in whole, and previewed the upcoming book.

Workflow Therapy with Ním Wunnan

This is a method developed, taught, and practiced by Ním for years that throws out every “productivity” and “project management” tool and tactic except the ones the directly address how work becomes stress. Sign-ups are open. Simply fill out this form to participate, and we’ll be in touch. We’ll revisit and compare notes at Method Camp in August to see how it worked out in practice.

How to Have Hope in 2019 A Rebecca Solnit reading group

As the internet constantly reminds us, Things Right Now are, to sum it up, a bit fucked. Rebecca Solnit’s Hope in the Dark offers a more actionable, thoughtful take on the fucked-ness of things, so let’s read it together. This is a very low-impact reading group — we’ll introduce the book at Methodical, and we’ll have until Method Camp proper to finish the book, at which point we’ll discuss our thoughts and feels in a followup session. Contact to join the group.